Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

By: Hajni Blasko
Online Book Publicist and Book Marketing Strategist at Online Book Publicity

Some thoughts on Social Media promotion and their impact on our SERP results.

The success of Social Network marketing is not necessarily and only based on the number of posts created and distributed. Follower count isn't everything. It is better to have 1K engaged followers than 1M unengaged followers.
In fact, 1K followers can be enough to generate a buzz for some authors, depending on their niche and target audience. The quality of posts here is also a factor. Readers can sense when a post is being authentic vs. when it is simply forcing participation that often feels spammy. If you still only wish to see numbers rising without any substance or proven interest behind it, go ahead use outbound marketing techniques offered by thousands of companies. They are cheep, but keep in mind that sometimes they can cause more harm, than good.

I believe that the success of Social Network marketing is be based on:
authenticity of the generated posts,
optimization levels of content
timing of posts
placement of posts.

The technique and business methodology that considers and implements the factors of: Attract, Engage and Delight is known as inbound marketing.
Attract: drawing in new readers with intriguing content and conversations that establish you as a notable author with a great product, with whom they want to engage and learn more about. Videos, articles, interviews, book trailers.
Engage: presenting your product that align with their interest so they are more likely to buy your book before any other. Book contests and polls, giveaways, book excerpts, free short stories.
Delight: provide additional features allowing the readers to enhance their reading experience. Free recipes, Pinterest boards, listening tracks, book club type forums for them to share and interact with other fans of your writing.
Our inbound marketing strategy will expose your book and author profile to Social Media users as an added bonus. This is however, not our main focus of marketing.


The main focus our promotion on social media platforms, is to straighten and support (feed) our Search Engine Marketing results. See the visual below. This book's SERP result is #1, #2 and #3 under the book's specific key phrase: YA fantasy natural-born vampires. No matter which of the first three links the browser selects to visit, it will lead to the book in question and to a potential sale. This is only one example of how we use social marketing to support our engine marketing efforts. This type of promotion is what sets us apart from any other online book marketing provider. No other company offers promotional services that cover both social media marketing and engine marketing in the same time and in an interconnected, symbiotic fashion.

Once the campaign of your title expires, naturally your book, your profile and optimized sub-URL is deleted from our network and therefore no longer allowing potential book buyers to find and buy your book. You book is also deleted from all of our social platforms (boards, albums, galleries, lists etc) no longer providing exposure.

All authors, with active campaigns, benefit from our Search Engine Marketing and Social Marketing efforts. If you wish to browse the SERP performance of any genre, feel free to visit the genre in question. SERP results will be listed on the page. These results are regularly updated.